Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly, Part: BLUE

Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly: Part BLUE is a moving installation consisting of vast colors, everyday object assemblages, sound and a live performance to create a psychological changing landscape commenting on stillness and primal empathy. By composing sculpture with dancers, Ettun creates a sense of what she calls a “handheld history” examining the transformation of cultural and psychological narratives through the lens of personal accounts and perspectives.
This body of work is a teratology; A new installment will premiere each year until the completion of the project in 2018. Each part will be based on a color and an emotion – Blue/empathy, Pink/aggression, Yellow/desire, Orange/joy.

Created in 2015 - 2018 

Photographs by Matt Grub and Charlie Rubin, Naroa Lizar, Zdravko Cota, Carrie Ruddick
Video by Dan Rosen and Jeffrey Ayars

Movers: Maia Karo, Tina Wang, Scynge Yuxing, Lisa Park, Tyler Patterson, Rebecca Pristoop, Annabel Paran, Samual Hanson, Sabrina Shapiro, Mor Mendel, Ivan Sikic, Laura Bernstein, Laurel Atwell

Costumes design by Ella Dagan

Performed at The Watermill Center, The Knockdown Center, ZAZ 10TS Times Square, NADA art fair, Transformer Siren Art Festival 

The Watermill Center, 2015

Knockdown Center, 2015

ZAZ 10TS Times Square, 2018

NADA Art Fair, 2018

Transformer Siren Arts Festival at Asbury Park, 2018