Lilith the Empathetic Demon

Text her # 8335751049

Currently I am working on a series of drawings of Lilith, the empathetic demon. According to Judiasm’s midrash text, Lilith was the first biblical woman. After running away from Adam, Lilith was seen as a demon and was condemned for generations by the patriarchy. In the 2-6 CE the Jewish community in the Middle East started making incantation bowls to trap demons. When people were sick or in pain, they would go to an artist-magician, and tell them what their pain looked like. The artist-magician would then draw a unique demon of that person on a bowl, write a spell around it, and together they would turn the bowl upside down to “trap” the demon and remove her powers. The incantation bowls are a wonderful example of ancient trauma medicine. Through conversation, these bowls give an outlet to unpack and visualize trauma. Through redrawing Lilith, I am thinking in a holistic way about healing, trauma and the shadow. My Lilith has a multimedia text message group and, if you sign up, she will send you drawings and somatic exercises.

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