2015 - Ongoing
Inflatable Dimensions
(L x W x H):
Summer Tanager (Red)  15 x 8 x 7 
13’ x 9’ x 6’
Alula in Blue
20’ x 15’ x 25’
20’ x 20’ x 17’
30’ x 13’ x 14’ 

Since 2008 I have been working with inflatables: army parachutes, hot-air balloons, and huge hand-made bubbles that serve as stand alone moving sculptures that the audience can enter. These colorful bubbles invites visitors to go into a meditative state, immersing themselves in the bright colors or music, and interact with one another in play. The inflatables are made from a parachute fabric referencing my mandatory military service in the Israeli army and transforming this charged material into a communal space. The audience is invited to enter the inflatable and be surrounded by color.