Community Engagement

Interactive light-up inflatable at Socrates Sculpture Park.
Large-scale inflatable made from recycled plastic and tape. The audience was invited to draw inside and on the inflatable and watch it light up after sunset.
Video: Lorena Barrera Enciso

Art, Poetry and Dance at Katonah Museum of Art in collaboration with children from Cornell Academy.
Pamela Hart (poetry) and Tamar Ettun (dance)

In a concrete effort to build community and create access to contemporary art, The Moving Company collaborated on a series of movement workshops with teens from Community Counseling & Mediation Center and The Diaspora Center from our neighborhood in Brooklyn. At the end of these workshops, students performed at the Brooklyn Museum “Teen Night,” followed by the publication of a zine featuring stories based on interviews with the students.

Orange! Stories of play and joy is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Diaspora Community Services: 
Vanessa Mejia, MPH, CLC, MHFAYouth Services Program Manager

Kyle Everage, MPH, MSEd, MBAcSenior Health Educator
Participating Teens from Diaspora Community Services:
Visquel Bourbon, Oneil Craig, Rolanda Delma, Justin Durrant, Juleanna Francois, Prince James Harry, Jameel John, France Leazard, Joshua Lovell, Tyiera Newland, Briyanna Reets, Keshona Sylvester, Kiara Timms, Tigani Vernon

The Moving Company: Rebecca Pristoop, Tina Wang, Annabel Paran, Nathan Albright

Led by Laura Bernstein and Tamar Ettun

Guest Writers:
Amy Zion, Christina Olivares, Carlos Jimenez Cahua

Photographer: Charlie Rubin

Brooklyn Museum:
Lindsay C. Harris, Teen Programs Manager, Brooklyn Museum
BkM Teens, LGBTQ Teen Night representative:
Zaria Weeke, Isaiah Lewis, Anna Kinlock

Pink! Stories of Play and Aggression

Community Counseling & Mediation Leaders: Naphtali Aiken - Program Director of WLG/ SYEP Programs

Neville Michelin - Educational Supervisor, Senior Intake Officer

Britany Garcia - Educational Specialist

Participating Teens from the Mediation center: Ayanna Alexander, Nia Ambrose, Ayannia Gill-Robinson, Kymani Birkett, Sariya Bland, Sade Dean, Tabrea James, Iset Jones, Damani McLauren, Catreece Oden, Angelia Perdomo, Amoni Williams, Cleo Lewis, Kymani Hall, Tre-Lawn Noel, Sequan Lewis, Dylan George, Aydonis Aytch

The Moving Company: Haleigh Nickerson, Mor Mendel, Tina Wang, Annabel Paran, Sabrina Shapiro, Rebecca Pristoop, Nathan Albright, Eva Davidova

Led by Laura Bernstein and Tamar Ettun

Contributing Writers:
Sarah Lehat, Wendy Vogel, Ian Cofre, Noa Lembersky
Charlie Rubin

Special Thanks To:
The Brooklyn Museum for providing us with rehearsal space
Anne Pasternak - Shelby White and Leon Levy Director of the Brooklyn Museum Suhaly Carolina - Community Relations Manager
Katherine Kusiak Carey - Education Department

Doreen Remen of Art Production Fund